Hi! I wonder if you've come from a command-line-themed web page. You probably have. Sorry, but there's not much to see here any more, technologies have moved on while the old CLI 2.0 stayed the same. I've been busy working at a job, doing a lot of command-line stuff but sadly not in the way of WordPress themes.

But, you know, it could be that I might be thinking of doing something similar again. Do you want to talk about it?

I might not respond, because I am busier than I should be at my age for what I do, but I do like a note once in a while. Thanks for dropping by!

Here, check this thing out I made at about the same time: Wizzo. Also an unfinished adventure game, same vintage: Adventure.

Or this bouncy ball game. Or A gravity toy, with unintuitive controls. A kaleidoscope toy (kaleidograph? who knows). Life. I still don't really get the Monty Hall thing.

Something inspired by a movie. Disco! Space! Backwards space?

Roughly how many crows?

The ultimate(ly long) encryption service.